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Industry 4.0 solutions are no longer a novelty, it is a necessity!

With Prusight’s smart industrial automation solutions, your workforce is capable of finishing their tasks faster, more accurately by collaborating with the team, accessing the information needed and remaining hands-free all the while just focusing on the task at hand.

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AI based task automation
Automate repetitive tasks for your workforce with the help of machine learning
Augmented reality and tracking
Visualization of AR content within your work process made simple
IoT ready
Smooth integration with your machines, sensors and IoT devices
Holographic management
Create and manage holographic content from the platform. Measure usage and receive notifications
Device management
Easy management of all the smart devices or wearables for your workforce
Process builder
Easy to build and manage workflows for all your processes
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“Before the arrival of Smart Glasses and Prusight, for in- cabin applications, we had to decipher complex drawings and convert imperial measurements into metric measurements in marking the position of the equipment on the cabin floor,” said Jason MacPherson, technical manager for flight installation of a global aerospace manufacturer.

John Matthews, Blogger

Smart solutions for your workforce

Remote assistance
With Prusight’s remote assistance capabilities, your workforce can quickly connect with a remote onsite help to receive instant guidance and resolve issues in no time, also reducing travel times and cost for experts
Security control and management
Prusight equips security personnel with accurate information, tracking and instant alerts, around the clock to deal with a stream of ongoing, demanding and challenging situations, that they often find themselves ill prepared.
Warehouse management
Prusight allows your workforce to stay hands-free, enabling high speed order picking. It also provides them with a picking list that has optimized & best route to follow in the warehouse, in a way that saves time and energy.
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With Prusight, industry veterans can add their daily procedures on video, adding commentary and notes as they go. Technicians in training can use these ‘veteran videos’ for immediate reference on the job.
Task management
With Prusight, your workforce is now able to receive tasks directly on their Prusight app, record the steps and update the status of the tasks on the go, without missing out any communications related to their tasks.
Barcoding solutions
Prusight’s Barcoding Solution lets warehouse workers keep their hands free and the pick the list constantly in view, ensuring continuous material flow from receiving to picking, staging, and loading.
We understand that precision and reliability are the bedrock of your business. At prusight we enable your workforce to receive guided instructions, visual diagrams, and reference material directly in workers line of sight, thus improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
It is extremely crucial to have streamlined business in order to remain or become a strong player in the automobile industry. We provide solutions that help in overcoming inevitable industrial challenges and reduce production costs, improve product and customer service quality and increase pay-offs simultaneously
Clinical Care
We enable physicians to get their entire practice on one platform that are very extremely vital for smooth functioning of the clinic. Prusight equips doctors to streamline their activities from patient management, Reminders & Scheduling, Prescription & EMR, Billing & Inventory
From first-mile seller pick-ups to last mile delivery, the entire supply chain can be optimized and managed on prusight’s platform. Prusight equips field worker with contextual information, navigation, customer information, e-pod, digital payment, NPS score capture etc to ensure a smooth delivery
Energy & Utilities
At Prusight we understand at the need to explore and produce energy in an efficient manner is the priority of the utility companies and it requires innovation at an unprecedented rate. Prusight provides a structured platform, to navigate environmental challenges and improve regulatory compliance and efficiency.
Industrial Rubber
Prusight provides automated solutions at every step of the process, from raw materials process and mixing, to component preparation, to tire building and curing. It allows staff to perform inspections faster by moving through checklists digitally and documenting key steps throughout the process for compliance.

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