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Manage tasks, processes, machines, alerts, and algorithms with Prusight

We are focused on making your machines talk to each other, provide the real-time insights of your plant, enable workers with more machine control and limit your spend on many IoT Systems.

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AI based task automation
Automate repetitive tasks for your workforce with the help of machine learning
IoT ready
Smooth integration with your machines, sensors and IoT devices
Alerts & Notifications
Instant alerts & notifications via SMS / Emails regarding any deviations from normalcy on the shop floor.
Device management
Easy management of all the smart devices or wearables for your workforce
Process builder
Easy to build and manage workflows for all your processes
Mobile Application
An easy to use mobile application, to give real-time view of your shop floor, anywhere, anytime
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Building A Data-Driven & Connected Manufacturing Ecosystem

With over 40+ modules, Prusight allows you to visualize and control your production operations

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Automation solutions built for making factories smarter through its innovations

Applications that will address processes pertaining to your business and issues distinctive to your business

We understand that precision and reliability are the bedrock of your business. At Prusight we enable your workforce to receive guided instructions, visual diagrams, and reference material directly in workers line of sight, thus improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
It is extremely crucial to have streamlined business in order to remain or become a strong player in the automobile industry. We provide solutions that help in overcoming inevitable industrial challenges and reduce production costs, improve product and customer service quality and increase pay-offs simultaneously
Food & Beverage
We understand that Quality gets top priority over other parameters when it comes to Food & Beverage manufacturing. Prusight continuously allows you to monitor mission-critical motors across the plant by constantly measuring their temperature, noise, vibration and current & digitize every data captured at the lab
Clothing is the final product of textile manufacturing and it truly is a complex process. Prusight can help you monitoring all the activities involved in this complex manufacturing process starting from inspection of received inventory, stitching, embroidering & pocketing with continuous monitoring of sewing & cutting machines.
Metal Alloy
There are so many critical parameters to be considered while manufacturing alloy. Prusight helps you monitor the critical parameters such as temperature & pressure involved in the casting process and also help digitize processes such as Plate marking, Thrust bearing, laby marking and final alignment values.
Industrial Rubber
Prusight provides automated solutions at every step of the process, from raw materials process and mixing, to component preparation, to tire building and curing. It allows staff to perform inspections faster by moving through checklists digitally and documenting key steps throughout the process for compliance.
Machines Monitored
Processes Automated

Leverage the advantages of Industrial AI & IoT Solutions to optimize your production

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