Prusight will increase precision and reduce costs across your organization

Reminders & Scheduling
With Prusight, your workforce will receive up-to-date work orders & task instructions. They can also pull up reference materials, overlay guides, and help videos to learn how it’s done.
Video Collaboration
Field technician can connect with remote expert through Prusight, for regular field service check-ups to complex engineering support, telemedicine and intricate procedures.
Complex manufacturing
Assembly lines are all about speed, productivity, accuracy, compliance and quality control. Prusight equips assembly line workers with real-time solutions to the plant floor.
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All the essential tools for your organization in one integrated suite

Prusight’s innovative solutions are targeted to increase efficiency in service & maintenance processes of the aerospace industry. Service and inspection activities usually occupy both hands of a service technician. In addition, further information such as maintenance procedures are needed as well. With all relevant information, like guidelines, checklists, visualizations, circuit diagrams, etc. are always right in the line of sight without compromising on a workers’ mobility. Documentation features like taking a photo or recording a video are seamlessly integrated.

A ready-to-use application with flexible deployment options

The biggest IT challenge these days are investing on a new software and wait for the new system to start giving returns. At Prusight, we understand these challenges and we have designed our application in a way that can be easily deployed across your systems and the application is up and running in no time. The application scales along with your business and needs no further investments on maintenance or development.

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A smart application that can be easily integrated with your existing systems

Prusight simplifies the process of connecting your data sources to the applications. With Prusight’s easy integration capabilities, IT personnel do not need any further customization to connect to common databases and web services. All they need to do is simply map the objects that are necessary to be accessed from Prusight application.

Prusight’s Industry 4.0 solutions are making production processes more efficient in Aerospace industry

Reduced wiring time
With Prusight’s smart solutions, field technicians will reduce wiring time without having to look away constantly for instructions and wiring schematics
Inventory management system
Workers will have live access to complete inventory checklists, thus increasing the speed of kitting and order fulfillment processes
Knowledge sharing
Industry veterans can document step-by-step instructions and videos for all the processes in Prusight app, thus providing valuable reference materials to junior technicians
Task management
Prusight’s task automation solution will ensure that all the tasks allocated are tracked, updated and communicated within the team to increase efficiency and collaboration

Discover how a global aerospace manufacturer has increased an average productivity by 32% with Prusight

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