Prusight gives you a real-time view of all the on-going activities on the shop floor

Aerospace & Defense (A&D) manufacturers have to deal with constantly changing demand, which makes it extremely challenging to plan for manufacturing and meet delivery dates as promised. There is always a constant pressure on A&D manufacturers due to margin shrinkage, which drives the need for adoption of new technologies & processes to manufacture aircraft (or parts) which are of top notch quality but at a relatively lower costs. Decreasing assembly times and cycle times, reducing lead times and keeping the promised delivery dates & real-time design & manufacturing integration for real-time decision making are some of the key challenges faced by the manufacturers.


Prusight will help you reduce cost through real time production control across the entire plant

Common Business Challenges Worrying Textile Manufacturers

Demand Forecast
Quality Assurance
Part Compliance
Co-ordination Between Teams
Identifying New Requirements
Prusight Industrial AI Solutions For Aerospace Industry

Prusight enables real-time visibility and control of production processes, even across partner or remote sites. It’s advanced analytics enables rationalize, predict and streamline maintenance, helping aviation clients increase maintenance efficiency, improve the health of their fleet, and reduce delays and cancellations. This predictive maintenance approach can also help improve areas like supply chain optimization, inventory allocation and planning, aircraft reliability improvement and operation and schedule planning. Predictive maintenance can also be applied to other sectors such as railway, automotive, power and utilities.

Prusight enables digital part-process-people traceability

Predictive Maintenance

Prusight will constantly monitor your mission-critical equipment parameters and predict when the equipment might breakdown and alert the relevant teams even before the breakdown happens.

Complex Manufacturing

We understand that assembly lines are all about speed, productivity, accuracy, compliance and quality control. Prusight equips assembly line workers with real-time solutions to the plant floor.

Digitization of Logbooks

Prusight collects wealth of data from production teams, labs, packing and logistics department and enables real time visibility & tracking of all the metrics across multiple devices.

Prusight helps deliver the best quality product with lowest cost and minimized rework

Efficient Supply Chain Management
Automated data collection makes it easy to improve the proficiency of supply chain management
Fuel Efficiency
Prusight creates climb stage profiles, which allows pilots to adequately preserve fuel during flights
Task Management
Prusight will ensure that all the worker’s tasks are tracked, updated and communicated efficiently within the team
Digitizing shop floor
Prusight’s captures real-time data from the production unit and displays it in an intuitive dashboard

Integrated, Secure & Consistent

Enhance Quality, Production & Lower Costs