Prusight will help you being predictive than being reactive

We understand that the automotive industry relies heavily on contracted manufacturing, which allows for greater flexibility to address constantly changing demands. But managing and integrating those contractors into a supply chain with end-to-end visibility poses certain amount of difficulty.

It becomes an absolute necessity to connect devices with each other and to human interfaces, providing real-time data from numerous sensors on the shop floor. This also allows humans to “connect” to that data at any given point of time. Paired with advanced analytics and machine learning, Prusight provides an ecosystem of sensors, devices and humans which makes your manufacturing set up incredibly powerful.


Prusight will help you reduce cost through real time production control across the entire plant

Common Business Challenges Worrying Automotive Manufacturers

Demand Forecasting
Manufacturing Cycle Time
Lack of Real-Time Information
Lengthy Changeover Time
Unbalanced Station Workloads
Low Production Quality
Prusight Industrial AI Solutions For Automotive Manufacturers

Prusight provides real-time reporting allowing manufacturers to determine optimal inventory levels and to calibrate current operations based on patterns of customer demand.

Assembly lines are all about speed, productivity, accuracy, compliance and quality control. Prusight equips assembly line workers with real-time solutions to the plant floor.

Prusight will help you in improving execution and safety compliance

Predictive Maintenance

Constant monitoring of mission-critical motor parameters and predict when the motor will breakdown and alert the relevant teams even before the breakdown happens.

Real-time Sharing of Production Information

 Information captured on the shop floor will be available in a digital format and can improve synergetic efforts from all ecosystem partners (OEMs, policymakers, suppliers, etc.)

Digitization of Logbooks

Collecting data from production teams, assembly lines, inventory and enabling real time tracking of all the metrics across multiple devices.

Backed by the latest technologies, Prusight promises a higher level of food safety and quality

Increase Operational Performance
Transform manufacturing operations to improve profitability and yield while increasing flexibility.
Improve Asset Reliability
Improve asset reliability and performance to reduce unplanned downtime and maximize ROI
Improved Safety & Quality
Avoid recalls and improve end-to-end quality and compliance for produced goods
Digitizing shop floor
Prusight’s captures real-time data from the production unit and displays it in an intuitive dashboard

Integrated, Secure & Consistent

Enhance Quality, Production & Lower Costs