Clinical Care

Prusight will enable you to handle your practice in a smarter way

Reminders & Scheduling
With Prusight, you can configure SMS / E-mail Reminders and Notifications. Centralized management to configure alerts for vaccinations and follow-up visits
Billing & Drug stock
Easy one touch configuration for a comprehensive drug database. Prusight will provide you with alerts for low inventory stock and expired medicine
Electronic Records
Prusight lets you plan each day of the week by location, timings and fees. Entire Patient list for the day can be viewed by one click & handle day-to-day sales easily
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An intelligently designed automation solution to manage your clinic more efficiently

Prusight provides an end-to-end service for the medical industry, especially managing day-to-day activities at a clinic. Instead of typing on a computer during consultations, doctors can connect with patients by looking them in the eye, listening as they talk, and ask questions - all with confidence that Prusight is making a note in the background. It equips doctors with accurate medical history & records of their patients. Thus avoiding incorrect diagnosis and treatment, improving the efficiency of overall clinical experience.

A ready-to-use application with flexible deployment options

The biggest IT challenge these days are investing on a new software and wait for the new system to start giving returns. At Prusight, we understand these challenges and we have designed our application in a way that can be easily deployed across your systems and the application is up and running in no time. The application scales along with your business and needs no further investments on maintenance or development.

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A smart application that can be easily integrated with your existing systems

Prusight simplifies the process of connecting your data sources to the applications. With Prusight’s easy integration capabilities, IT personnel do not need any further customization to connect to common databases and web services. All they need to do is simply map the objects that are necessary to be accessed from Prusight application.

Backed by the latest technologies, Prusight has proven to be the most cost-efficient solution for the medical community.

Billing & Payment Information
Easier to handle sales, sales challan, sales return & billing information. Also Prusight will enable you to convert prescribed medicine into sale bill
Investigation & Lab Reports
Doctors can receive medical reports directly on the Prusight app from the labs. Makes the entire process of patient health record management easier during the check-ups
Training & Knowledge Sharing
Experience doctors can document important clinical information & instructions for all the medical processes in the Prusight app, thus providing valuable reference materials to junior doctors
Patient Management
Prusight’s task automation solution will ensure that all you receive alerts on all upcoming appointments alongside patient’s medical history and all the necessary medical records

Prusight is optimizing and improving the quality of clinical care by making all your information easily accessible

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