Condition Monitoring

Measure & Monitor the health of production critical machines with Prusight

Monitor the parameter of condition in machinery (vibration, temperature, etc.), in order to identify a significant change which is indicative of a developing fault through the process of condition monitoring. Condition monitoring software can improve manufacturing performance by predicting inline and offline quality failures, material waste, unplanned downtime and more. The first step is to analyze approximately three to six months of historical, high-frequency process & quality data to establish relationships, ranging from strong correlations to cause-and-effect constraints, between different types of metrics and measurements. Prusight will then identify patterns in behaviour that have previously led to problems on the factory floor. The patterns are refined into predictive analytics models that are built and validated in the cloud.

Condition monitoring provides real-time alerts that allow factory personnel to proactively address potential problems. Prusight tools alert operators or engineers when key parameters are trending towards outer limits to help protect operations and avoid quality failures. Condition monitoring can also be used to alert teams when components with a high-probability of failures, such as pumps, fans and motors, meet certain conditions that signify they’re likely to break. Alerts can be customized based on factory floor conditions or combinations of metrics. 

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Prusight adds intelligence into the manufacturing process to drive continuous improvement

Enhanced Operations Stability
Prusight provides your workforce with valuable insights such as equipment status, exception based reporting and real-time visibility into quality, safety, compliance, energy usage, and downtime issues, thus enabling manufacturers to create high-quality products, better, faster, and more economically than ever before
Improved Productivity
Prusight enables your workforce to identify real-time information and analytics that help in reducing costs, delivering critical information to suppliers and customers while monitoring inbound quality and delivery performances. Thus better control and transparency of manufacturing processes is achieved thereby improving productivity and profitability
Make Better Decisions
Prusight provides strategic insights to identifying operational strengths and weaknesses, analyzing processes and plan improvement initiatives, designing and implementing better production systems, developing targeted training programs & establishing performance management systems, thus enabling wiser decision making process

Prusight will redesign your organizational and operational structure for faster adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions

Improved quality
Smart factories leverage the embedded intelligence present in the machinery and equipment, & automate operations like quality inspection, generating flags in real-time to defective products, and error-proofing processes in support of internal production and external supplier quality improvement.
Increased productivity
Prusight provides managers with insight into operations, by monitoring production in real time including operators’ usage patterns, materials, and equipment, which allows them to streamline the workflow to reduce non-value added time and processes.
Cost Effective
By monitoring the condition of the machine can help in predicting unavoidable failure will occur, thus reducing the need for last-minute purchases or storage of replacement parts for critical equipment

Prusight is making factories smarter through its innovations

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