Smart Defect Detection

Gain the ability to identify surface imperfections with speed, reliability, and precision

One of the prime concerns that continuously affects the manufacturing sector is the end quality of the products. There are numerous companies that experience quality-related costs as high as 15%-20% of sales revenue. In some cases, those can even go as high as 40% of the total number of operations.

Even the slightest variation in the production processes or materials pose as a bigger threat to manufacturers, and can make the entire production run defective.

Prusight’s defect detection platform integrate measurement, monitoring, data collection, and reporting of Manufacturing 4.0 into each step of the manufacturing process and every critical-to-quality station on your line. Prusight captures data in real-time and displays it on your application instantly so that you can catch defects as they occur. This detailed reporting ability  provides manufacturers valuable insight into their processes, with the ability to analyze and correct the cause of defects quickly and with minimal disruption.

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How can Prusight help manufacturers move from manual to automated optical inspection

Classifying Objects
Prusight application is trained on a dataset of specific objects (e.g., images of defects) and then it classifies each of these objects into different set of categories as modeled on your shop floor.
Identifying Objects
The application is trained to recognize a specific instance of an object. For instance, when it determines two components in an image it can mark one as a circuit board and other as a microcontroller.
Image Data Processing
The application encompasses deep learning techniques which learns from images of good and bad parts, reducing the time needed to specify defects and respond to changing requirements.

Better defect detection leads to improved product quality

Real-time Defect Tracking
Identifies production defects instantly, allowing you to make necessary changes right away in order to reduce waste
Power of Data
The application has extensive data on the objects it needs to evaluate against certain parameters, thus improving checklist for product
Reduced Defects & Risks
The early on defect detection system helps you reduce the number of defects significantly their severity
Reduced Rework
Early detection of defects enables fixing of defects much earlier on during production stages, thus reducing rework at a later stage.

IIOT testing means better quality parts, fewer defects

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