Digital Twin

Prusight creates virtual instance of all the important assets on the shop floor

Any physical asset, a product, a process or a system on the shop-floor can be represented virtually and this is termed as a “Digital Twin”. A digital twin replicates the state, attributes and properties of the shop-floor.

Prusight creates a digital twin for your shop-floor which is designed to gather data from several sources, update itself and continuously learn the present working conditions of the equipment on the shop-floor. Production managers gain deeper understanding about the shop-floor with Prusight’s digital twin, which helps them in analyzing the current condition, improving and optimizing the performance of the system. They are equipped with a clear picture as to how several systems on the shop-floor are interacting with each other.

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How it works

Identify the equipment
Identify the equipment or a process that has a large impact on the product life cycle or helps in optimizing the business performance
Load the digital twin
Establish a seamless, real-time, bidirectional integration/connectivity between the physical process and the digital platform
Report performance
The digital twin captures data in a dashboard that is ranging from behavioral characteristics, current state of machine to existing environmental conditions
Simulate new outcome
This data over a period of time, helps in analyzing or predicting any intolerable deviations from optimal conditions
Take action
Based on the prediction analyzed, necessary actions need to be taken to fix any anomalies that might occur in near future.

Digital Twin significantly cuts operation costs, leading to real bottom-line improvements

Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Improved OEE through reduced downtime and improved performance
Increased Productivity
Increased reliability of equipment and production lines, hence more productivity
Reduced Costs
Reduced costs by predicting maintenance issues before breakdowns occur
Overall Product Quality
Improved product quality, and enhanced insight into the performance of products

Prusight’s digital twin unlocks innumerable benefits for all key stakeholders from the shop floor to the top floor

Engage Customers
Improved customer service as customers can remotely configuring customised products
Empower Employees
Employees are better equipped with the machine data, past, present and future, thus helping them in making informed decisions
Optimized Operations
Able to prevent unplanned downtime and improved product performance leads to optimizing production operations
Transform Products
A digital twin helps manufacturers avoid costly product quality issues, hence producing a high quality product

Are you thinking where to start with the Digital Twin?

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