Energy Sight

Smart Energy Management Tool To Capture, Analyze & Reduce Energy Consumption Across Your Organization

Data Analytics To Learn & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Detect anomalies and get instant alerts on mobile & desktop applications for abnormal patterns in energy consumption.
Understand where the energy consumption is more on the shop floor and explore ways to reduce it without losing the overall equipment effectiveness(OEE).
Ability to reduce & keep track of carbon emission levels to contribute towards a greener and sustainable environment.
Personalized energy analytics dashboard to view live meter data; consumption heatmaps; varied data granularity, etc.

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Energy management is one of the key concerns of every building owner. Keeping your energy costs and your carbon footprint down, while maintaining a healthy productive environment, makes your facility more valuable.

A leading heating equipment designer, manufacturer and supplier, have been in operation for over 30 years and are one of the largest heating companies in the world. They used Smart energy management solution on its operations available through Prusight to devise the saving actions that led it to reduce the standby energy use of its highest-consuming equipment by 65%.