Enterprise Sight

Welcoming the data-driven, AI-powered, networked “Smart Factories”

Digital transformation for connected manufacturing

Increased asset efficiency with the help of reams of data captured by your manufacturing set up, through continuous analysis. This analysis often reveals asset performance issues that can be optimized immediately.
Create a smart factory that eventually results in a smaller environmental footprint than a conventional manufacturing process, with greater environmental sustainability overall as well as imparting real benefits around labor wellness.
Prusight enables factories to predict and detect quality defect trends sooner and can help to identify discrete human, machine, or environmental causes of poor quality, thereby ensuring better-quality product with fewer defects and recalls.
Optimized processes often lead to more cost-efficient processes, with predictable inventory management, efficient task workers along with reduced variability in processes and operations.

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A task automation platform built for manufacturing units. It lets your workforce stay connected with experts, data and all the necessary equipment while remaining hands-free to focus on their tasks assigned.