Food & Beverage

Prusight will help you deal with changing consumer preferences and market dynamics

With the rapidly changing behaviors of consumers, massive innovations and stringent regulatory landscape, the food and beverage industry is always poised to several challenges ahead of them. This industry is majorly driven by consumers and with the major shift in their perspective and food habits, players in the food and beverage market need to bring about major changes in their manufacturing process and business operations. From increasing demands for clean label products to demands for more environmentally responsible packaging, food and beverage companies will need to pay close attention to what their customers want to stay ahead

Prusight will help you reduce cost through real time production control across the entire plant

Common Business Challenges Worrying Textile Manufacturers

Monitoring Production Equipment
Lack of Visibility on Shop Floor
Lab Management
Lack Of Follow-Through
Supply Chain Management
Keeping up with Food Regulations
Prusight Industrial AI Solutions Will help you swiftly cope with the constant changing food regulations

Food and beverage recalls may become necessary due to consumer complaints or food inspections. The pressure is increasing on manufacturers to institute product recalls as quickly as possible. The analysis of contamination is, however, a complicated matter, involving several factors such as microbial impurities, labeling and packaging errors, contamination by metals, plastic, glass or potentially dangerous substances such as machine oil or biohazards that should be considered. Prusight will help you identify such processes which must be put into place to recognize and eliminate sources of error.

Prusight will help you in improving execution and safety compliance

Predictive Maintenance

Constant monitoring of mission-critical motor parameters and predict when the motor will breakdown and alert the relevant teams even before the breakdown happens.

Real-time Sharing of Lab Information

 Information captured in the lab will be available in a digital format and process users can monitor specific lab information related to their processes in real time.

Digitization of Logbooks

Collecting data from production teams, labs, packing and logistics department and enabling real time tracking of all the metrics across multiple devices.

Backed by the latest technologies, Prusight promises a higher level of food safety and quality

Increase Operational Performance
Transform manufacturing operations to improve profitability and yield while increasing flexibility.
Improve Asset Reliability
Improve asset reliability and performance to reduce unplanned downtime and maximize ROI
Improved Safety & Quality
Avoid recalls and improve end-to-end quality and compliance for produced goods
Digitizing shop floor
Prusight’s captures real-time data from the production unit and displays it in an intuitive dashboard

Integrated, Secure & Consistent

Enhance Quality, Production & Lower Costs