Industrial Rubber

Prusight gathers production data and helps you increase machine output and decrease waste products

Manufacturers face huge pressure to keep production costs low, but continuing to deliver high quality products and service. Many leading manufacturers are now taking a proactive approach to streamline their operations. Manufacturers who are making extensive use of AI are reaping the benefits of not just improved efficiency and decreased downtime but also they are able to increase customer satisfaction.


Prusight will simplify your plant processes through Artificial Intelligence

Common Business Challenges Worrying Industrial Rubber Manufacturers

Selection of Low Impact Materials
Minimizing Waste During Production
Minimize Energy Consumption
Optimization of Production Techniques
Uniform Tire Quality
Easy Maintenance and Repair
Prusight Industrial AI Solutions For Industrial Rubber Industries

Prusight will monitor real-time production machinery performance data using the Industrial IoT platform. Prusight will enable manufacturers to integrate data from myriad sources and standardize a variety of factory automation systems that are used on production lines across its manufacturing locations. This critical business information will then feed into Prusight’s AI applications, which will comprehensively analyze the data and quickly and accurately search for and extract factors impacting quality, productivity, predictive maintenance of production machinery, and/or energy consumption. This will help accelerate decision making and achieve more efficient production with insightful, AI-driven analysis.

Prusight will help match the optimal synthesis scheme, reducing the cost and improving the quality of mixing rubber.

Loading the Mould
Mapping Temperatures of Mould
Pressure in Hydraulic Press

Prusight’s automation solutions are making autoclave processes more smarter in the rubber and tyre industry

Reduced down time
Prusight places emphasis on proactive and preventative maintenance, hence increasing operational efficiency of equipment thereby reducing unplanned down times
Inventory management system
Workers will have live access to complete inventory checklists, thus increasing the speed of kitting and order fulfillment processes from assembly line to warehouse
Knowledge sharing
Industry veterans can document step-by-step instructions and videos for all the processes in Prusight app, thus providing valuable reference materials to junior technicians
Task management
Prusight’s task automation solution will ensure that all the tasks allocated are tracked, updated and communicated within the team to increase efficiency and collaboration

Integrated, Secure & Consistent

Enhance Quality, Production & Lower Costs