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Prusight + Workforce - A New Era of Automation in Manufacturing

Prusight integrates data from all the discrete plant /floor systems offering a 360 degree view of your entire factory with the help of data science and machine learning. It provides a one stop solution for plant / floor, which is the real-time and this helps the industrial workers with data-driven decision making. It allows you to define and track KPIs that are relevant to your factory operations. The metrics include key factors like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Capacity Utilization (CU) and Machine Downtime analysis, analyzing key Machine, Process and Quality parameters and establishing Product Genealogy and Part Traceability and identifying conditions that affect machine and asset performance. Prusight can be deployed easily across your plant and it delivers a fast return on the investment and scales along with your growing business.

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Prusight’s industrial IoT solutions transform manufacturers’ data into manufacturing intelligence.

Intelligent shop-floor
Prusight raises production preparation, scheduling, quality and monitoring to a new level by bringing together several functions into one aspect. Prusight equips managers and engineers the tools they need to run the shop-floor in the most efficient way possible.
Smart factories
Prusight’s smart factory solutions have the ability to connect and integrate data even from the unconnected legacy systems. The “Industrial Internet of Things” enable your legacy equipment and enrich the machine data so that it is generated and delivered intelligently.
Warehouse kitting
Prusight’s IoT solutions automates warehouse operations, ensuring real-time inventory monitoring throughout the supply chain, starting from the ordering of materials to the delivery of the shipments to the third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses or the end customer.

The Industrial IoT solutions are changing the way all the industries will operate in near future

Task Management
Prusight allows you to create tasks for your workforce, manage tasks & track task updates all in a common powerful dashboard. Your workforce will receive all the details regarding their tasks, step-by-step instructions, informational videos and expert advice for their tasks. With Prusight’s task management system, your workforce will be able to complete their tasks faster and efficiently.
Industrial Internet of Things
IIoT is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, by enabling accessibility to huge amount of data, at higher speeds, and far more efficiently than before. With Prusight, you can easily connect to plant-floor and all other devices within your network, and push data from thousands of devices across numerous locations through a central messaging protocol infrastructure to both industrial and business applications.
Pick & Pack
With Prusight, your workforce will gain real-time visibility of inventory locations, thus reducing round trips times and increasing warehouse efficiency. Workforce will always stay connect to essential data, systems, and equipment in warehouse thus reducing rework and errors. Prusight makes it easier to fulfill larger order volumes and improve warehouse safety with the Augmented Reality capabilities.
Barcoding Solutions
Prusight simplifies the most expensive and time consuming tasks of collecting and maintaining accurate records of your assets. Prusight’s barcoding solutions equip manufacturers with total visibility of movement of their merchandises throughout the supply chain. It also enables faster assembly, correct parts identification, improved stock counting process, reduced stock/work in process (WIP) & increase make-to-order
Field Service
Prusight’s AR solution provides your field technicians the access to real-time data and processes that will optimize their performance and reduce operational costs. Field technicians can access step-by-step instructions for the tasks at hand, scan through the checklists, examine troubleshooting procedures and also seek expert advice by collaborating with them in real-time through the video calling feature.
Factory Management
Prusight’s statistical data show in real time how production on the whole is doing. Managers will have visibility about all the maintenance activities going on, in the shop floor, adding any valuable inputs to the technicians at any given time to improvise the maintenance process. They would also be making sure all equipment being used is in good working in order to achieve OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

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