IT Benefits

Enhance your Operations with ready SaaS solution

Prusight provides a flexible set of deployment options, a platform that is built to suit every use case of your organization and it also scales across your enterprise. Prusight integrates seamlessly with your existing databases, ERPs and CRMs, ensuring the IT security is never compromised. It allows you to build and manage AR solutions across your business with little or no overhead.

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Prusight will increase your organizational efficiency and lower operational costs

Flexible Deployment Options
Prusight can deployed on a private Cloud, on-premise or distributed across individual sites
Enterprise Hardened and Compliant
Prusight supports enterprise security regulations, mobile device management (MDM) and single sign-on (SSO).
Seamless System Integration
Prusight can be integrated into your existing system and IT infrastructure by syncing data connectors
Scalable Architecture
Prusight platform is highly reliable, provides high availability and performs efficiently even at large scales
Intuitive App Development
Develop any industry specific application with a powerful drag-and-drop feature with Prusight’s Application Builder, removing the need to code
Hardware Agnostic
Prusight will work seamlessly on the latest smart glasses, smart devices, smart watches and many other emerging trends to come in future
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“The use of wearable, hands-free technology powered by Prusight has decreased the time it takes to pick and scan inventory while improving efficiency. At Magnus, we’re all about investing in technologies that ensure safety and reliability, as well as improved productivity, visibility, and customer service levels.”

Shankar Shivaram, Head of Manufacturing, Asia’s leading medical equipment manufacturer