Metal Alloy

Prusight is leading the metal alloy industry in the path of ‘smart production’

The iron and steel manufacturing process requires an uninterrupted flow of materials between various production stages, including blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace, continuous caster and rolling mill. Stopping down and restarting a given operation during the steel making amounts to a huge cost. Hence, production and inventory flow need to be balanced to avoid reheating cost, minimize changeovers, and eliminate unwanted accrual of work-in-progress inventories.

Some of the major challenges faced in terms of metal manufacturing industries are reducing production costs and maintaining high grade finished products without any hassles across the production chain.


Prusight will help you maintain an unbroken flow of materials between production stages

Common Business Challenges Worrying Metal & Alloy Manufacturers

Defective Coil Prediction
Weld Grinding
Strip Weld Failures
Material Handling
Hot Dip Galvanization
Wrong Material Grade
Prusight Industrial AI Solutions For Steel Industries

Prusight’s Industrial AI & Machine learning technologies can identify any possible occurrences of Strip weld failures which are a major concern to operators of continuous galvanizing lines (CGLs). Prusight mainly focuses on predictive quality, with the target to highlight the correlations between the process parameters of the casters and surface defects identified on coils after rolling.

Prusight’s AI capabilities enables the manufacturers to improve the control on coating on the metal alloy / steel by about 84% to 99% in quality deviations, thus controlling the weight and width of final product

Prusight’s smart automation solutions help you achieve maximum up time in order to meet your production goals

Sensing of events
Analyzing events
Optimizing Outcomes

Prusight is a big data lake that can be used to obtain insights on all your Steel mill data

Defect Detection
Prusight will help you identify issues in the coil well in advance, in order to help you eliminate waste and in optimizing productivity at both ends of supplier & customer
Maximizing equipment uptime
With Prusight’s predictive maintenance you will be able to minimize process variations and enable power plants to operate closer to their optimum without violating process constraints
Increased Efficiency
Prusight analyses and creates a model for the metal making process with the purpose of delivering optimum temperature and composition, while using a minimum of resources.
Task management
Prusight’s task automation solution will ensure that all the tasks allocated are tracked, updated and communicated within the team to increase efficiency and collaboration

Integrated, Secure & Consistent

Enhance Quality, Production & Lower Costs