OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Prusight will help you monitor the health of your machines remotely, anytime, anywhere

Remote machine monitoring, backed by industrial IoT, is the unique selling proposition that OEM and other equipment providers can offer to their customers, as part of their post sales service package.

Reducing downtime, particularly unplanned downtime, is the most critical part of keeping costs lower at the same time delivering goods of highest quality. Remote machine monitoring allows to collect data about the operations of any given unit and send that data back via the cloud, enabling OEMs to provide peak level service response time.


Prusight will help you reduce cost through real time production control across the entire plant

Common Business Challenges Worrying OEMs

Inventory Planning
Get real-time, visibility into inventory control measures, including trends, stock on order and supplier on-time performance.
Increased Power Consumption
Reduce your power consumption with the real-time data available of the process and machines.
Component Obsolescence
Forecast, Strategize, Manage the component risk and losses with Prusight Original Equipment Manufacturers
Sparse Data
Combine all the data into one platform for easy analysis and decision making with Prusight OEM.
Product Conversions
It is possible to build product conversion rates with the data insights available for the machines.
Unpredictable Downtime
With Prusight predictive maintenance, you can acquire data with the help of real-time data of the production downtime.
Prusight Industrial AI Solutions for OEMs

Prusight enables OEMs to remotely monitor the health of their machines, providing them the ability to forsee any unexpected downtime. This drastically reduces the cost of field maintenance by doing remote digital diagnostics thus avoiding losses. Prusight’s advance machine learning & artificial intelligence capabilities allow your customers to transition from reactive to predictive maintenance.

Prusight helps you connect your field and factory assets to enable remote assessment

Asset Assessment

Prusight allows configuring 360 degree model of assets spanning calibration, operator, alarms, maintenance and sub systems, to optimize costly industrial machinery and reducing down time risks and costs associated with that

Asset Diagnostics

Prusight provides Curative and preventive symptom identification for electromechanical machinery which gives in depth details on how the machine is performing, it’s failure modes, duty cycle, and asset usage

Asset Prognostics

Prusight’s Advanced Machine learning algorithms help manufacturers profile and learn new fault mode signatures which were previously undetected, thus unlocking massive value for Industrial machinery manufacturers

Prusight will improve the quality of your products & services opening up new avenues for business

Reduced Energy Consumption
It is possible to build machines that demonstrate lower energy consumption, with all the data insights available for the machine
Futuristic Design Ideas
The options for finding new designs or even new uses for machine designs will be unlimited, by using all the real data from existing infrastructure
Remote Machine Monitoring
OEM can collect data about the operations of any given unit and not only react faster to any impending issue, but even predict issues based on that data
Improved Machine Quality
Access to real data from actual machines can give them insight into how they do perform & enable far more effective predictive maintenance

Integrated, Secure & Consistent

Enhance Quality, Production & Lower Costs