An intuitive and an integrated platform that automates, organizes and collaborates your workforce together

With Prusight, your workforce is capable of getting the task completed faster and more efficiently. Prusight let’s your workforce to stay connected with experts, data and all the necessary equipment while remaining hands-free to focus on their tasks assigned.

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Prusight’s automation solutions will magnify your organization’s operational capabilities

Receive task information
Look up your assigned tasks, navigate through the workflows and receive expert guidance in real-time for your tasks
Accomplish tasks and processes
Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your task, track your progress and send updates to your team
Training and knowledge sharing
Track your daily activities with videos, step-by-step details and add comments on the go, for training purposes
Remote expert collaboration
Access remote help by streaming live video, sharing documents, and sending and receiving messages to complete the task
Engage with live data
Receive alerts and notifications, manage and monitor sensors, smart tools and all the objects that are connected

Prusight platform equips your organization with all the essential building blocks to rapidly build and deploy smart applications

Build Prusight applications
With Prusight, it is easy to design any application or workflows for your industrial use cases
Easy Integrations with your systems
Prusight integrates with all your back-end systems to let your workforce stay connected with all the information and equipment to operate
Collaborate and Communicate
Your workforce can receive tasks, manage and track processes and communicate more efficiently with the team