Process Management

Organize your manufacturing set up for increased productivity and workforce efficiency

Every organization has business processes—it’s how work is accomplished. But, too many organizations rely on outdated procedures, with reliance on paper forms or other manual steps. By becoming comfortable in how they get work done, leaders and workers alike cost their organizations a lot more than lost efficiencies. They lose sight of the opportunity cost of getting work accomplished the way “it’s always been done.”

In the manufacturing world, workflow automation has so far been used almost exclusively in commercial support processes such as accounting, personnel or purchasing. This helps to reduce overhead costs, but companies only gain a real market advantage if they make their production more flexible, faster or more scalable. In production processes, automation with workflow engines is new territory. The advent of Industry 4.0 is expected to dramatically change the manufacturing industry as we know it today. Highly standardized, rigid manufacturing processes need to become self-organizing and decentralized. This flexibility leads to new challenges to the management of smart factories in general and production planning and control in particular with Prusight.

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Prusight adds intelligence into the manufacturing process to drive continuous improvement

Automate Workflow
Evolve your process from a manual process to an automated process where the realtime data is collected and easily transferred to/from Prusight application.
Process Optimization
With Prusight make your day-to-day organization process more efficient, more cost-wise, and control data entry and application errors
Make Better Decisions
Prusight provides strategic insights to identifying operational strengths and weaknesses, analyzing processes and plan improvement initiatives, implementing better production systems, thus enabling wiser decision-making process

Prusight has proven to increase productivity and improve quality across your enterprise

Improved quality
Smart factories leverage the embedded intelligence present in the machinery and equipment, & automate operations like quality inspection, generating flags in real-time to defective products, and error-proofing processes in support of internal production and external supplier quality improvement.
Increased productivity
Prusight provides managers with insight into operations, by monitoring production in real time including operators’ usage patterns, materials, and equipment, which allows them to streamline the workflow to reduce non-value added time and processes.
Increased Transparency
Prusight provides more visibility to important processes in the organisation, which helps in making an efficient decision with transparency and real-time data.

Prusight is making factories smarter through its innovations

Talk to our experts to understand how Prusight has increased production capacity by 60% in manufacturing industries

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