Process Sight

Digitizing your manufacturing operations

Prusight will help you develop complete product and services solutions for your customers

With Prusight’s analytical abilities and production data insights you will be able to reshape your operational designs
The market intelligence information, gathered from the machinery and the behavior of people in the system, moves smoothly into product development and manufacturing.
Improve product quality, boost factory efficiency, stay competitive, enhance safety, security and sustainability, and remain profitable.
Helps you create a digital foundation within the workforce by providing them access to more production data, thus improving their productivity & efficiency.

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Increase production yield while reducing scrap, rework, and recalls with industrial artificial intelligence and predictive quality analytics

A major global automotive manufacturer had been experiencing unusually high failure rates. Most of the data on the shop floor was entered using a manual logbook and was not tallied or accounted for until the end of a shift or at the end of the day. They improved their OEE from 50% to 80% with Prusight’s Process sight platform.