Defect Sight

Prusight’s Defect Sight Helps You in Moving from Manual to Automated Optical Inspection

Catching and analyzing defects in real-time helps manufacturers improve production efficiency and achieve higher yields by catching problems when they are the easiest and most cost-effective to fix.

Prusight application is trained on a dataset of specific objects (e.g., images of defects) and then it classifies each of these objects into different sets of categories as modeled on your shop floor. The application is trained to recognize a specific instance of an object. For instance, when it determines two components in an image it can mark one as a circuit board and the other as a microcontroller.

The application encompasses deep learning techniques that learn from images of good and bad parts, reducing the time needed to specify defects and respond to changing requirements.

Image module

Predict Defects Before They Occur With an

Intelligent Visual Inspection Tool

Quality Control

The analysis leads to implementing changes in processes that help prevent defects and ensure their early detection and help in product quality control

Analytics - Machine learning

Don’t waste any more time analysing. Let our analytics compare your energy use against expected patterns and alert you when your consumption becomes abnormal.

Alerts and notifications

Create alerts and notifications as soon as cost or consumption deviates from the expected pattern. Receive real-time alerts on your dashboard, via email/SMS.

Reports and dashboards

Manage your organizations, sites, meters, and users. Create automated monthly reports for your stakeholders. You can also view your energy data in the Prusight database.

One standard solution for automated defect inspection & analysis

Real Time Defect Detection

Production quality monitoring

Reporting and Alert Generation

Production line automation

Bar-code and QR code recognition

Complete customizable solution.