Enterprise Sight

Complete Enterprise Monitoring Solution for industrial automation and smart manufacturing of the future


Prusight Smart Factory is a smart production line monitoring solution powered by AI and IoT technologies, which empowers you to monitor everything on the shop floor from a centralized, live dashboard. Our Industrial Automation Solution involves highly trained machine learning algorithms that can predict machine failures and brings higher operational intelligence that your legacy system was not able to perform.

Use Prusight to make better decisions and improve the efficiency of your processes. Connect business systems like your ERP with real-time operational data and make sense of it all with dashboards that track key performance indicators. Increase production yield while reducing scrap, rework and recalls with industrial artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive quality analytics.

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Empower your teams, gather better data and drive smarter decisions with EnterpriseSight by Prusight

Real - time data capturing

Reduce product quality failures and unplanned downtime with actionable alerts driven by our Machine Learning technology.

Reports and dashboards

Manage your organizations, sites, meters, and users. Create automated monthly reports for your stakeholders.

Alerts and notifications

Create alerts and notifications as soon as there is a change from the expected pattern. Receive real-time alerts on your dashboard, via email/SMS.

ERP Integrations

Access your Enterprise information end-to-end, from anywhere, anytime. Integrate and manage processes in your Enterprise.

IIoT Solutions

Digitize your factory and increase productivity by keeping your equipment running with Industrial IoT solutions.

Data analysis

The data analysis system that allows data to securely flow between the monitored asset and the central datastore

                      Improve Operational Efficiency Enterprise-Wide

Demand monitoring

Product quality monitoring

Historical reporting

Predictive maintenance

Reduce production downtime

Intuitive Industrial IoT dashboards

Improve Operational efficiency

Increase production efficiency