IoT Sight

Prusight adds intelligence into the manufacturing process to drive continuous improvement

IoT sight is a manufacturing analytics platform that increases productivity through real-time visibility, deep analytics, and AI-driven predictive notifications. Digitize your factory and increase productivity by keeping your equipment running.

Increase your contribution margins by improving machine throughput, first-pass yield, product traceability and more. Our IoT Sight platform provides advanced Industrial IoT analytics that helps you make decisions faster and operate your production runs more consistently. By analyzing both historical and real-time production data, we’ll provide automated insights along with recommended settings so you can easily replicate your most profitable runs. The end result is reduced waste and greater operational efficiency that will maximize your bottom line.

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                 Maximize Quality & Output with Prusight’s IoT sight


Operating System - Linux
An operating system that directly manages your system’s hardware and resources.


PHP- hypertext preprocessor / Python
Prusight’s platform develops modules & applications through PHP / Python.


MySQL and Influx
Prusight’s platform collects, stores & manages databases with the help of MySQL & Influx.

Solve problems faster with our unique IoT sight provides automated insights

Analytics - Machine learning

Don’t waste any more time analysing. Let our analytics compare your energy use against expected patterns and alert you when your consumption becomes abnormal.

Reports and dashboards

Manage your organizations, sites, meters, and users. Create automated monthly reports for your stakeholders. You can also view your energy data in the Prusight database.

Alerts and notifications

Create alerts and notifications as soon as cost or consumption deviates from the expected pattern. Receive real-time alerts on your dashboard, via email/SMS.

Real - time data capturing

Speed up your day-to-day energy management process through configurable widgets to monitor measurements, metrics and savings of all the energy wastage and failure notifications detected by our analytics software engines.

        Make your shop-floor more accessible and efficient with Prusight

Location intelligence

Dynamic reporting

Intuitive dashboards

Improve operational efficiency

Condition Based Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance