Process Sight

Increase production yield while reducing scrap, rework, and recalls with industrial artificial intelligence and quality analytics

Prusight’s process sight employs predictive maintenance, allowing process engineers to simulate how a production process will behave in different scenarios, and specifically if the process inefficiency will be avoided. Process sight enables the user to determine the best-fit values in order to avoid the process inefficiency.

Prevent potential production problems with predictive analytics. Minimize the impact of quality failures or unplanned downtime by notifying factory personnel before issues happen and allowing them to take corrective action faster.Connect manufacturing performance to the factory floor by empowering operators with an intuitive operator interface. Easily capture customizable downtime reasons on tablets to track why lines are down at any time. Increase visibility by viewing and modifying all production states in factory dashboards to achieve precise OEE calculations.

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With Prusight deliver better business outcomes with accurate and actionable insights.

Task and Process Workflow

On the production floor, Process sight’s systematic process of identifying factors that impact asset availability, product quality, or performance of the production process.

Process Builder

Digitizing your manufacturing operations, Prusight will help you develop complete product and services solutions. Faster process improvements.

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