Retail Edge

Prusight Retail Edge let’s you smartly analyze your customers and their engagement levels with your product

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Prusight retail edge allows you to measure your customer engagement with any of the objects in your store, around the clock. Our camera based technology enables the accurate counting of customers in and out of your store or building.

It provides accurate data about customer’s gender, age and the time the customer has spent in a particular location in your store, or objects that caught his attention for a longer period of time and so on. This gives you a deeper understanding about the areas in your store that are highly visited or have stayed untouched. This data allows you to decide your future marketing strategies based on the items that caught the customer’s attention longer.

Prusight not only provides you data in real-time but also provides an intuitive dashboard application with meaningful metrics

Prusight equips you with a horde of unique and continuous levels of data that allows you to interpret what works best and what does not in your store.

It also let’s you measure the customer satisfaction levels smartly by letting you know if the customers were upset, content, happy, or thrilled. A store always has a huge influx of a certain set of crowd at a particular point of time in a day. Prusight provides you intelligence to decide what could be the perfect offer that could fit your crowd during that time, which in turn raises the customer satisfaction levels and eventually more sales to your store.

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Prusight measures people traffic, demographic, dwell time and their emotional engagement within your store

Data Visualization
Provides a bigger picture on customer activity levels, dwell time, gender, etc
Audience View
Provides details about customer’s gender and age as people approach or leave a location
Detailed Reporting
Provides a detailed analysis of the customer engagement levels, on a per day, per hour basis
Top-level Summary
Provides summary about the customer footfalls over a period of time
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A smart application that can allows data access on the move

Prusight’s retail edge captures data in real-time and delivers this data to your device and your web application around the clock letting you stay connected with your products. The application receives your data automatically, segmented by device location and offers it to you in a easy to comprehend format even when you are on the go. The dash board reports are well segmented to read though current statistics and past data as well. Prusight provides an optional web interface which allows multiple user access for your team.

Prusight retail edge fits seamlessly with your existing business structure to improve overall efficiency of your store

Actionable reporting
Create incisive reports relevant to your business, view and maintain the business’s key performance areas and compare against targets
Measure opporunities
Capture behaviors across the portfolio; understand the opportunity and how it changes against business and marketing activities.
Data driven
Quickly gain insights into when your busiest times are, and staff accordingly to make best the opportunity.
Monitor economics
Understand common failure areas of the business, reasons for failures and take decisive actions to curb failures in future.

Prusight is simplifying the ways to understand your customer’s needs

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