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Prusight will simplify your plant processes through Intelligence

OEE Analysis
With Prusight’s IoT capabilities, your workforce is capable of analyzing historic process and performance data to optimize maintenance planning and resources, leading to lower maintenance costs, reduced material and supplies, and greater OEE.
Video Collaboration
With the Video calling feature, plant employees can contact remote experts for guidance who can not only diagnose and fix the machines but also help in preventing future downtime events through maintenance schedules and accurate documentation.
Predictive Maintenance
Prusight equips your workforce with information to fix downtime issues as they happen. It is not only limited to informing plant managers about how much downtime occurs, but also track precisely when, where, and why a downtime happens
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Prusight is a smart integrated solution for your organization

Prusight’s innovative solutions are targeted to increase efficiency in service & maintenance processes of the rubber and tyre industry. Accurate, real-time data is gathered to ensure intelligent decision making for your workforce and for efficient inventory management. By integrating with your exiting warehousing and material handling systems, Prusight seamlessly operates as a single, end-to-end material handling solution.

Prusight has Flexible deployment options

The biggest IT challenge these days are investing on a new software and wait for the new system to start giving returns. At Prusight, we understand these challenges and we have designed our application in a way that can be easily deployed across your systems and the application is up and running in no time. The application scales along with your business and needs no further investments on maintenance or development.

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Prusight can be easily integrated with your existing systems

Prusight simplifies the process of connecting your data sources to the applications. With Prusight’s easy integration capabilities, IT personnel do not need any further customization to connect to common databases and web services. All they need to do is simply map the objects that are necessary to be accessed from Prusight application.

Prusight’s automation solutions are making autoclave processes more smarter in the rubber and tyre industry

Reduced down time
Prusight places emphasis on proactive and preventative maintenance, hence increasing operational efficiency of equipment thereby reducing unplanned down times
Inventory management system
Workers will have live access to complete inventory checklists, thus increasing the speed of kitting and order fulfillment processes from assembly line to warehouse
Knowledge sharing
Industry veterans can document step-by-step instructions and videos for all the processes in Prusight app, thus providing valuable reference materials to junior technicians
Task management
Prusight’s task automation solution will ensure that all the tasks allocated are tracked, updated and communicated within the team to increase efficiency and collaboration

Discover how a global tyre manufacturer has increased an overall OEE by 32% with Prusight

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