Smart Energy Management

Gain real-time access to the energy consumption of your production floor

For manufacturers, to stay ahead in the race of Industry 4.0, keeping production costs as low as possible is the key aspect to watch out for. One way to achieve this is by creating a solid strategy when it comes to energy management in industry 4.0. Prusight helps you create an active energy management system to monitor and improve power distribution management across your entire manufacturing set-up, to guarantee efficient energy usage. Energy management is one of the key concerns of every building owner. Keeping your energy costs and your carbon footprint down, while maintaining a healthy productive environment, makes your facility more valuable.

Our solutions provide manufacturers the ability to monitor both power consumption and the behavior of the controlling devices at each building in real-time, as well as adjust power consumption according to its needs, and improve its efficiency.

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How can Prusight help manufacturers work towards implementing energy management in Industry 4.0

Prusight helps you understand and visualize the energy profile of your organization with pre-defined targets / KPIs
The system helps you to identify the sources of data and use this real-time data to process energy analytics
With the help of the real-time data, the system helps you monitor, control and take corrective or regulatory action

 Prusight will help you raise internal awareness of the importance of energy efficiency

Fresh Perspective
Prusight aids manufacturers in moving, generating and storing energy more efficiently, affordably and sustainably
Power of Data
Sourcing accurate, reliable and powerful data from the shop floor to optimize energy management
Meaningful Metrics
The data is further analyzed to generate reports that help manufacturers make informed choices
Insight Based Improvements
Intuitive dashboards that continuously project data from the shop floor to improvise energy management across the plant

A smart technology solutions that optimizes energy supply and consumption

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