Realizing Smart Factory Using IOT Enabled Devices

Free Webinar : Realizing Smart Factory Using IOT Enabled Devices

More and more everyday devices from home appliances to cars are now connected to the Internet. The same trend and its impact can also be felt in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can no longer afford to operate their machinery in silos at the expense of efficiency and interoperability.

In this day and age of smart factories, a production floor is like an invisible information highway, where data are constantly exchanged between machines.

June 9, 2020
3:00 PM IST – 4:00 PM IST
Key Learnings
  • Predictive maintenance used cases using , K6CM Motor Monitoring System, IO Link Enabled Sensor, IOT Power Supply.
  • Realizing smart material transfer in shop floor using Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • OPC UA enable PLC’s for shop floor data aggregation to IT layers.
  • Case studies