Smart Factory

Prusight will pave your way into the industry of future

Automation, Operations Information and Advanced Analytics represent the key factors of a Smart Manufacturing Enterprise. These 3 factors primarily link machines and equipment through open platforms that enable them to create systems that are able to interact with each other, analyze data to prevent failure, configure themselves and adapt to changes within the manufacturing process itself. The end goal of a Smart Factory is to achieve improved productivity within an operation and eventually across the entire value chain by increasing visibility and access to contextual information connected to processes and products, to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

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Prusight adds intelligence into the manufacturing process to drive continuous improvement

Enhanced Operations Stability
Prusight provides your workforce with valuable insights such as equipment status, exception based reporting and real-time visibility into quality, safety, compliance, energy usage, and downtime issues, thus enabling manufacturers to create high-quality products, better, faster, and more economically than ever before
Improved Productivity
Prusight enables your workforce to identify real-time information and analytics that help in reducing costs, delivering critical information to suppliers and customers while monitoring inbound quality and delivery performances. Thus better control and transparency of manufacturing processes is achieved thereby improving productivity and profitability
Make Better Decisions
Prusight provides strategic insights to identifying operational strengths and weaknesses, analyzing processes and plan improvement initiatives, designing and implementing better production systems, developing targeted training programs & establishing performance management systems, thus enabling wiser decision making process

Prusight will redesign your organizational and operational structure for faster adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions

In order to optimize your organizational and operational structure, Prusight provides you support in the development of an integrated value chain, that not only satisfies your requirements, but also assist you in optimizing your lead times and your productivity, and reducing inventories across the entire supply chain and support you in the process of continuous improvement.

Prusight also assists you in identifying inefficiencies, if any, across all your processes, helping you in developing and implementing innovative processes that can be integrated into your existing business models easily and efficiently.

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Prusight has proven to increase productivity and improve quality across your supply chain

Improved quality
Smart factories leverage the embedded intelligence present in the machinery and equipment, & automate operations like quality inspection, generating flags in real-time to defective products, and error-proofing processes in support of internal production and external supplier quality improvement.
Increased productivity
Prusight provides managers with insight into operations, by monitoring production in real time including operators’ usage patterns, materials, and equipment, which allows them to streamline the workflow to reduce non-value added time and processes.
Mitigate skilled labor shortage
Prusight provides prescriptive work order instructions and increasing error-proofing capabilities to simplify the process. Thus increasing the capacity of operators to operate multiple machines simultaneously & enable specialists the ability to remotely support the operations when needed.
Reduce business risks
As accidents are prevented and near-miss incidents investigated; energy and environmental concerns are tightly controlled; security vulnerabilities are addressed and track-and-traceability capabilities are deployed, strengthening the systems in place that can help mitigate issues.
Enhance customer satisfaction
Smart factories will be equipped to allow industrial customers to monitor and update operations in real time, track all the raw materials, work in progress and finished goods, and coordinate faster deliveries, getting higher quality products in the hands of your customers when they need it
Expand market opportunities
Smart factories will rapidly and efficiently create entirely new markets, as manufacturers, industrial operators, and high-tech firms converge and innovate together, resulting in newer service opportunities and enhanced business models with enticing new margins

Prusight is making factories smarter through its innovations

Talk to our experts to understand how Prusight has increased production capacity by 60% in manufacturing industries

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