Smart Lighting

A smart solution for an efficient and safe lighting yet cost-effective

Prusight aims at increasing energy savings, efficiency, and operational insights of your manufacturing plant, by instrumenting your plant with smart lighting and smart sensor-based Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. With Prusight, plant manufacturers are equipped advanced controls and new insights that can help reduce energy spend, mitigate risks to product quality, analyse allocation of production costs and allocate them accordingly and work towards streamlining factory operations. All of these new insights and actionable data helps production managers turn their factories into a smart factory. Prusight’s Industrial IoT solutions deliver energy savings, unlock operational insight, and create new value streams.

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How Prusight can help you put a stop to your growing energy bills

Prusight will monitor all of your assets and energy parameters which helps create cost visibility.
The system is capable of making automated scheduling, which provides energy efficiency & optimal lighting,
The capability of unified remote management enables proactive maintenance and manpower

Prusight’s IoT solutions pave way for  smarter solutions that deliver efficient lighting

Remote Switching & monitoring
Predictive maintenance
Notifiers & escalations
Mobile app

Embrace the smartest way to reduce electricity expenses and operational expenses

Reduced CO2 Emissions
With Prusight, you will be able to reduce up to 50% CO2 emission
Improved Safety
Reduction in man power intensive monitoring and reactive maintenance leads to improved safety measures
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Reduction in improper switching due to non-optimized scheduling results is cost savings

Join the next-gen lighting revolution with Prusight

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