Visitor Management

Manage & Track your factory visitors efficiently

Prusight ensures that only visitors, delivery executives approved by the administration or the staff inside the manufacturing facility gain access to the premises, enhancing security and unlocking a host of other benefits.
It allows convenient verification of all visitors entering the premises, to the admin inside the manufacturing setup, by sending notifications / alerts on their mobile application / desktop application. Only upon approval from the admin,
will the visitor gain entry to the manufacturing set up ensuring safety round the clock.
Also, In case of an emergency situation inside the factory, the admin can raise an alarm to main gate security in just a couple of clicks.

Prusight helps you smoothly transition to a digitized check-in platform, avoiding all the messy paperwork, making it more organized and efficient.

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Prusight creates a centralized platform registering every guest at your manufacturing premise

Digitial Check-Ins
Prusight allows digital check-ins of every guest at your manufacturing premise thus eliminating all the arduous paperwork. This also makes the entry and exit of the guests to be a very seamless experience.
Instant Alerts & Notifications
Prusight instantly sends notification to the host whenever guests are around to ensure you do not have to waste time in tracking the guests. The hosts will receive notification whenever a guest checks-in, thereby saving lot of time.
Send Invites
Prusight allows you to send invites containing venue and host details to your guests even before they arrive at your premise. This makes the guest check-in a smooth experience as they have to just tap on the invitee option.

Prusight provides latest work space technologies to manage the end-to-end flow of visitors

Reduce manual check-ins
With Prusight you can capture the visitor’s photo and print badges. You have the flexibility to ask your own check in questions besides name and phone number. It also allows them to sign documents right at check in.
Review visitor logs
Prusight can help you track who has checked in and if there are visitors already checked out. It provides you with clear details of all visitors in one spot. The best thing is, this information can be reviewed from anywhere.
Stay secure & compliant
Prusight ensure maximum safety and ensures youfollow GDPR compliance. Assigning certain roles and rights to your users you can capture legal document signatures and give visitors the ability to check out on their own.

Prusight is making factories smarter through its innovations

Talk to our experts to understand how Prusight provides a digital check in experience

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