Warehouse Kitting

Prusight will streamline your warehouse processes

Prusight provides visibility into the supply chain from the ordering of materials till the shipment reaches the end customer or 3PL warehouses. It enables automated navigation within the warehouse, providing end-to-end visibility on inventory. It provides real time data from sensors/beacons to keep track of inventory levels. With real-time updates on inventory count, Prusight alerts the warehouse manager / supervisor for the mismatch between inventory data in ERP and actual inventory in warehouse. Restocking process is made more efficient and stock out losses can be avoided with Prusight’s IoT solutions.

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Prusight adds intelligence into warehouse processes, fulfillment operations & inventory management

In-Transit Monitoring
Prusight will help you identify the exact location of all your assets, regardless of where they are in transit through easy-to-install asset tags, sensors, and asset management reporting technology. Whether tracking trailers, remote assets or intermodal containers, we ensure accuracy in inventory and order pulling for warehouse and inventory management among other important aspects of the supply chain.
Warehouse visibility
Prusight lets you track the flow of inventory through and around the warehouse, helping you monitor product velocity and also provide an advance notice of arrivals. It also includes visibility of inventory received it into your system, moving it to a storage location, managing orders, directing warehouse associates to complete the order and accurately recording shipments out of inventory.
Yard management
Prusight provides information about incoming and outbound products that can be transmitted electronically between supply chain partners so that business transactions and their related details are automatically loaded into system. Visibility is also optimized for door-to-door movement within the yard, and the system can track where trailers are as they move or are parked for later processing.

Prusight will redesign your process of delivering necessary kits to the production operation for assembly

At Prusight, we understand that the steps involved in a kitting process is labor intensive, and prone to error. For example, the picker can pick a part which might be similar-looking one, or could be reaching the wrong revision if the work order requires a specific revision level part. The costs incurred due to mistake in a kitting process often causes interruptions in production flow. Our solutions are designed to manage warehouse operations end-to-end, operations that involve procurement, inventory management of parts and raw material, warehousing, the actual picking, packaging of the kit for transport, and shipping the kit to a required destination. With the help of Prusight’s warehouse kitting solutions, you could increase labor efficiency and accuracy of mass assembly of the same package.

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Prusight has proven to make your production operations run simpler, cleaner, and much quicker

Real-time tracking
By leveraging Prusight’s IoT solutions, one can achieve real time visibility into end to end supply chain operations right from when the suppliers send shipments till it is delivered to customer.
Reduced cost
Prusight’s automation solutions in areas like GPS devices, GIS information and sensors, help manufacturing companies save significantly by increased automation leading to reduced cost.
Faster turnaround times
Efficiently automate tasks to ensure you give the most critical customer demands priority instead of using a traditional first in/first out system, you can improve the customer experience significantly.
Increased warehouse transparency
Prusight provides 24-hour visibility into operations, providing warehouse inventory levels, handling procedures, temperature conditions, and more, giving you more time to act before a problem arises
Improved labor efficiency
Prusight’s smart solutions will automate most of your manual tasks in the warehouse, empowering your employees to shift their focus on to more high-value tasks, thus optimizing your current workforce.
Better inventory management
Shelves full of connected products and smart shipping containers will make it easier to locate and manage inventory. Picking and put away processes become more efficient with real-time connectivity.

Prusight solutions help you economically manage activity spikes and meet last-minute requests

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