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Strategies For Re-activating Workplaces
January 28, 2021 | 3PM to 4PM

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This Webinar provides in-depth information about the Lean and Six Sigma and their industry case studies.

This webinar provides complete information about Energy Management for Manufacturers

This webinar is directed towards providing a comprehensive guide to Industrial Sensors

Get a deeper understanding on the Overall Equipment Effectiveness measurement and it’s Implementation

More and more everyday devices from home appliances to cars are now connected to the Internet. Manufacturers can no longer afford to operate their machinery in silos at the expense of efficiency and interoperability.

In this webinar, we present to you how manufacturing can also be remote working. We will introduce all the tools and techniques which are required for the remote working.

This webinar speaks about how a visitor management system actually secures your building and data. Also, how it will help in reducing your visitor waiting time & how can pre-approved visitors, by administration or staff, can gain access to the manufacturing facility?

The next-generation manufacturing plant will incorporate digital technology to maximize its efficiency and raise productivity. This webinar will guide you on how to stay competitive by digitizing your manufacturing plant and reaping innumerable benefits.

A digital twin replicates the state, attributes, and properties of the shop-floor. Digital twin helps in analyzing the current condition, improving and optimizing the performance of the system. In this webinar you will get to know about how Digital Twin significantly cuts operation costs, leading to real bottom-line improvements.

Robots can do a lot of work from welding, painting, assembly to disassembly. Robot process automation allows anyone today to emulate and integrate human action with the digital system. In this webinar, we will be discussing the type of manipulators (robots) widely used in industry and components involved, how they work.

Predictive maintenance is a philosophy that uses the equipment’s operating condition to make data-driven decisions and improve quality, productivity, and profitability. In this webinar, we will be discussing predictive maintenance as a component of a larger asset management strategy to diagnose, prevent, and postpone failures.

In this webinar, you will learn more about the many advantages of incorporating machine vision into production and eventually how manufacturers can innovate premium, game-changing solutions that deliver a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

In this webinar, we will be discussing how operating with safety and security in mind is always a safe bet, and then you will be ready for ‘Industry 4.0’.

IoT-enabled condition monitoring is a perfect starting point for digital manufacturing. Implemented iteratively, the solution drives immediate value and spares excessive investments. In the webinar, we will take you through the actual use cases, implementations & the ROI of the such technologies.

In this webinar, we will discuss about how solar energy provides a dramatic reduction in commercial power costs, and in locations where “net metering” is available, it may even result in revenue from excess power sold to your local utility.

This webinar will give you a detailed walkthrough of how, starting right from appointment request, pre-registration, visitor self-sign-in, custom-made badge/pass printing to notifying hosts of visitor arrivals and sign-out Prusight will make your end-to-end visitor management process an absolute breeze.

This webinar is directed towards educating manufacturing companies on resolving these challenges related to energy management and make more informed decisions if they know how much energy each piece of machinery uses and what level of power will lead to optimal functioning.

This webinar speaks about how the manufacturing industry is being reshaped by the fourth industrial revolution, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT).

This webinar will give you a detailed walkthrough of how machine vision and deep learning are changing the game in factory quality control.

This webinar is directed towards understanding how visitor management helps management and employees discover who is entering their facilities, reasons for the visit, and when was the last time they were in their facility, if ever, through a centralized digital platform.

This webinar is directed towards helping you create a smart manufacturing plan to embrace digital twin technology in an effort to improve operations and provide better service to customers.

Buying used machinery in an open market can be challenging, riskier, and confusing. In this webinar, we will explain how you can buy or sell used machinery in a smarter and faster way.