Why Prusight

Prusight, a powerful industrial automation platform, that ascends along with your organization

Prusight has proven to be the most reliable and flexible platform, that will enhance the operational capabilities of your organization, produce quantifiable results and maximize your workforce investments.

Backed by Machine learning & IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) capabilities, Prusight will automate organisational tasks, recurring tasks and every single activity within the organisation.

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Prusight ensures that your organization is getting the best total cost of ownership

Scalable and Flexible
Get started with Prusight’s automation platform in no time and the platform will scale itself with the expanding workforce without any further developments on the platform
Conserves Resources
An automation solution, so powerful, that keeps maintenance and development costs as low as possible, providing use cases that spans across your organization globally
Future Proof Technology
With emerging trends in smart glasses for enterprises, be assured that Prusight will work seamlessly on these devices, as well as, many other emerging trends to come in future

A single entity that can map all your organizational use cases with ease

Building a new smart application can be a breeze for your workforce with Prusight. This not only reduces maintenance and development costs, but also empowers your workforce to explore new use cases specific to your industry and translate these newer use cases into an application instantly with Prusight platform.

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Prusight has exhibited that Industry 4.0 technologies are no longer a proof-of-concept. It delivers ROI

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“With the ability to identify the failure and solve problems quickly, we have dramatically increased productivity by reducing up to 70% of the safety breakdown time,” James Vasek, Maintenance Manager in Body, A leading auto component manufacturing company.