Why Prusight

Prusight, a powerful industrial automation platform, that ascends along with your organization

Prusight benefits factories to ingest and access a far greater amount of data at quicker speeds. This ultimately leads to more insight and efficiency and empowers the smart factory.

Prusight has developed a full suite of AI data analytics tools that enable manufacturers to identify and solve their production constraints with minimal effort and resources. 

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Prusight ensures that your organization is getting the best total cost of ownership

Predictive Analytics
Improve your manufacturing productivity and throughput, and OEE metrics with predictive analytics. Optimize machine availability and prevent unplanned downtime.
Enterprise visibility
Integrate and visualize operations, process, engineering, maintenance and financial data.View real-time data across the whole factory at once or detailed metrics for each line. Create reports, share your findings and export data.
Anticipative Alerting
Predict events based on historical data and accordingly provides alerts. Email-based notifications for when conditions go outside of targets for longer than specified allowance. For immediate corrective action – works for speed, quality, process metrics, and machine state.
AI-Driven Automation
Sustain higher efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Prusight provides outlier behavior identification, predictive modeling for maintenance and quality; incorporates data from FFT, image, speech
Operator Interface
Provides real-time status of a line and is used to record the state of the line (production, scrapping, downtime, and more)

A single entity that can map all your organizational use cases with ease

Building a new smart application can be a breeze for your workforce with Prusight. This not only reduces maintenance and development costs, but also empowers your workforce to explore new use cases specific to your industry and translate these newer use cases into an application instantly with Prusight platform.

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Prusight has exhibited that Industry 4.0 technologies are no longer a proof-of-concept. It delivers ROI

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“With the ability to identify the failure and solve problems quickly, we have dramatically increased productivity by reducing up to 70% of the safety breakdown time,” James Vasek, Maintenance Manager in Body, A leading auto component manufacturing company.